10 December 2019

    It happened.  All is lost.   Four different properties near or abutting my one-acre have been ‘developed’ during the last 9 months.  Humans and bulldozers have stripped this Garden of Eden, slaughtered the trees, and laid to waste the rhythms and pulses of this Natural Paradise. 


     Water levels have also risen...more than 50” during the last 5 years.  Pristine habitat is drowning.  Invasive species are encroaching from every direction.  Moreover, this early winter, the numbers of birds visiting my feeders have fallen.  Where are my friends?  Where is my sacred church?  Why is all this dying?

              All is changed by the

       clumsy greedy hands of man.

    What had once been my celebration of Nature is now its lamentation.  The profound quiet and the deep darkness around my home are now erased.  I am left with melancholy, gloom, despondency.

15 June 2020

     During a global pandemic, we staged our home, listed the property, sold it, and bought a new home and moved to the suburbs... where 70% of all life forms on our new property are either non-native or Invasive.   This project is terminated.  But a call to Master Guardening comes again.

September 2021: 

     Only 15 months after we sold this most perfect speck of Garden of Eden, the speed of the rape and destruction is jaw-dropping. 

     The new owners of our natural property clear-cut at least 50 trees (for 'better' lake views)...some very mature trees were 70' tall, others I planted by hand.  They simply bought our home and moved to the forest in order to turn it into a suburban piece of shit.  They broke State law, by not keeping a protective natural buffer 20' along the lake edge.  They trucked in beach sand and woodchips and non-native plantings.  They ripped out the waterfall and frog pond.  They put a TV satellite dish on the roof.  They stripped everything native and natural and installed a big boat dock.  The lake bottom now looks sterile.  

     All the work, sweat, effort, and caring I gave to this Garden of Eden is utterly lost.  These people have no idea of Nature, or of the blessing it is to find even a tiny patch of paradise today to call home.  It just breaks my heart.  On days like this, I deeply feel we are all doomed to hell.  We don't deserve to survive.  We're just too ignorant and selfish.   Life is so precious.  And we continually fail the test.